New Home Construction

Turn Your Dream into Reality with Custom New Home Construction

New Home ConstructionWhy live in someone else’s vision when you can create your own? Or rather, RIEK Builds can create it for you. We work with clients that have an exact picture of their new home in their heads, clients who don’t know where to start, and everyone in between. No matter where you are in the process, let us use our 40+ years of commitment to this industry to create a home you will fall in love with.

We Can Design, Build, and So Much More

When you choose RIEK Builds, you are choosing a company that can handle every step of the new home construction process for you. We can design your home, file for all required permits, ensure inspections are completed on time and as required, construct your home, and handle every element of the process. You can simply sit back and enjoy the process.

Communication is Key

Yes, it takes talented designers, contractors, and workers to create a perfect custom home. Yes, the quality of the home will depend largely on the quality of the materials we use to build the home. But at the end of the day, much of your experience will revolve around communication. You need a company that always keeps you in the loop. A company that will take the time to truly understand your vision. A company that will answer your calls and that feels no detail is too small to be discussed. You have found that company in us.

We Understand the Excitement of Having a Custom Home Built

We truly love this industry. We know we are not just building homes – we are building dreams. There is nothing better than seeing the excitement our clients feel when they see their home finally take shape. You cannot find a better company to trust your new home construction to. Call RIEK Builds now at (775) 475-1140 to learn more about how we can help you.

New Home Build in Genoa, NV.

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